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Superlynx reveal new single and video from upcoming album.

Not long to go now before SUPERLYNX’s third full-length album “Electric Temple” hits the streets, and in anticipation if its release, Dark Essence Records have released a new single from the album, along with an accompanying video.

The single in question is the “Laws of Nature”, the seventh track from the ten-track album, and is a song that the band reckons is the perfect example of what happens when the three individuals that make up SUPERLYNX, become one. As they explain:

Laws of nature is one of the songs on the album where you can really hear our three different expressions becoming one. Pia’s calm, heavy, minimalistic style and Daniel’s dreamy, melodic guitar playing meets Ole’s dynamic drums going from chill beats into a blasting energy at the end. 

Photo by Julia Naglestad.

The track is one of the more hopeful songs on the album. It comes from a place of convincing oneself to remember that after darkness comes a new dawn, and clinging to something as certain as the laws of nature in hope of brighter times, not only in nature but also personally. 

“Laws of Nature” can be streamed or downloaded from various platforms at:

Whilst, the video, by Pia Isaksen, can be seen here:

Known for their distinctive, genre-defying sound that combines  doom, psychedelic and meditative atmospheres with heaviness and droning rock SUPERLYNX’s lineup comprises Pia Isaksen on  Bass and Vocals,  Daniel Bakken on  Guitars and Ole Teigen on Drums, piano, keys and vocals. Their latest album,  “Electric Temple”,  is both a continuation on from  their previous album “New Moon” and a further development of moods not previously explored by the band.  Poignantly, “Electric Temple” also bears a deeply felt  mark left by the tragic death of a close family member.  

Superlynx - Electric Temple

Recorded and produced by Ole Teigen in his studio Crowtown Recordings, and with album artwork by Pia Isaksen and photos by Julia Naglestad and Carl Eek, track listing for “Electric Temple” is as follows:

1. Rising Flame

2. Electric Temple

3. Apocalypse

4. Moonbather

5. Sonic Sacrament

6. Returning Light

7. Laws of Nature

8. Then you Move

9. Siren Sing

10. May

“Electric Temple” will be available in CD,  Digital and Vinyl formats on the 16th April , and can be pre-ordered from the following:

US Webshop:

A video by Joan Pope / Temple ov Saturn of the title track from “Electric Temple”: 

More information about SUPERLYNX can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  or on their website at

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