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Sales Campaign – Doom and Vikings

Doom and Vikings!!

The last sales campaign from Dark Essence Records for a while will focus on doom and Vikings.

From Wednesday the 23rd of September till Tuesday 29th of September (at 23.59 CET), you will get selected items with a 40% discount in the Dark Essence Records Webshop.

We shouldn’t compare musical styles here, but doom and ragnarok have some similarities, don’t they? Let’s start off with the really heavy shit, with the somewhat super heavy sludge of the ever-progressing Bergen band Krakow. This four piece (with members who plays/played with Gaahl’s Wyrd, Kampfar, AeternusHades Almighty and others), had released one record when they signed to Dark Essence Records and we released “Diin” in 2012 to great reviews. Things got weirder on the follow up album “Amaran” (and the “Genesis” 7”) in 2015, but this one also got very good feedback from the press. Krakow continued to evolve and for their next album, “Minus” (2018), they were more progressive post rock and we moved them over to Karisma Records. Another album that got very well press, and the band went out on tour with the mighty High on Fire. Then the light went out for the band, and they split up in 2019. But hey, the music they recorded is still here, which is something at least.

There’s not too many doom metal bands on the west coast of Norway, so we had to travel the long way to Oslo to find the atmospheric doom trio Superlynx. We signed them for their 2nd album, “New Moon” (2019), which was very well received. We know they’ve spent the covid-19 situation well, so we can expect some new music in the near future. But in meantime you should get a heavy dose of “New Moon”.

Also hailing from Oslo is the six-headed behemoth Dwaal. We got to know them via their “Darben” EP, and just before the covid-19 lockdown we released their double debut album “Gospel of the Vile” to great feedback. We were lucky to see them perform a couple of times before lock down, but those who were looking forward to seeing them on festivals this year have to enjoy the album instead, for the time being.

Back to Bergen, and the album we released where most things went wrong. After he left Enslaved, guitarist Roy Kronheim started the doomy hard rock band Obscure. A good mix of Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Pentagram and Trouble was thrown in the mix, and the band managed to record a great album. When we started the work on the actual release, things really started to fall apart. One thing was putting together the cover, which was a designer’s nightmare. Another thing was the many different masters that was done, and the band picked the wrong one to send to printing. So, the track list on the cd is totally wrong, among quite a few other things. But the album, “On Formaldehyde” (2008), which is good title come to think of it, sounds good and the songs are great. But you might want to program your cd player if you want to hear the songs in the correct order.
Let’s leave the doom and gloom, and continue with some epic ragnarok!

One of the bands we’ve had the pleasure work with from nearly the beginning is Helheim. Actually, V’gandr was one of the founders of Dark Essence Records. Produced by Bjørnar Nilsen (now CEO of Karisma & Dark Essence Records) we released “The Journeys and the Experiences of Death” in 2006, before we re-released the bands first four albums. Then we continued the co-operation with Helheim and we’ve released now 5 more albums, where the latest is their 10th album “Rignir” from 2019. We know more is to come, and we hope to see 10 more albums from these viking metal giants.

Apart from Helheim and Enslaved, there weren’t too many bands in the Bergen region that dabbled with Viking metal – but a duo called Galar had emerged with one self-released album. They joined Dark Essence Records for their 2nd album “Til alle heimsens endar” (2010), which was an epic and grand take on the style, and the reviews were great. They managed to pull together a live band, and did do some shows here and there the following years, before the went and recorded their 3rd album, “De gjenlevende” (2015). This is the last album they’ve done so far, but they’re still active. We hope they’ve used the covid-19 situation well, so there might be more music from the band.

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