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Five The Hierophant sophomore album details and video teaser revealed.

Dark Essence Records have announced the details of “Through Aureate Void”, the second full-length album from Britain’s FIVE THE HIEROPHANT, a band that uses unusual instruments to create a dark and drone-like universe where psychedelic black metal combines with jazz and doom to devastating effect.

Five The Hierophant - Through Aureate Void

The follow up to 2017’s “Over Phlegethon”,  “Through Aureate Void” goes in an even more psychedelic direction, without losing any of the heaviness or darkness that imbued their debut album. 

Five The Hierophant

As the band explains:

It took us longer than anticipated, as you can imagine, due to circumstances that befall us all. Nonetheless, the new album is finished, and ready to take you on a journey through aureate void. It’s quite abstract, and there’s lots of experimentation, both in regard to the sound and instruments used, and to the song structures. A lot of it comes from improvisation and leaving things to chance. I suppose we have taken it further than our debut album.

A video teaser for “Through Aureate Void”:

Set for release on the 26th February 2021, and once again with a cover by the legendary Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum, track listing for “Through Aureate Void” is as follows:

1. Leaf in the Current
2. Fire from Frozen Cloud
3. Berceuse (for Magnetic Sleep)
4. Pale Flare over Marshes
5. The Hierophant (II)

“Through Aureate Void” will be available in CD, LP and Digital formats, and can now be pre-ordered from:
Five The Hierophant bandcamp
Dark Essence Records US Webshop

Fans of FIVE THE HIEROPHANT will also be delighted to hear that Dark Essence Records will be releasing a vinyl version of “Over Phlegethon”.  This is the first time that the album has been released on vinyl, and tracklisting is as follows:

1. Queen over Phlegethon
2. Vampire
3. Seafarer
4. Der Geist der stets Verneint
5. Sepulchre
6. Omen Tree

The vinyl edition of “Over Phlegethon”, which will also hit the streets on the 26th February, is now available to pre-order from:
Five The Hierophant bandcamp
Dark Essence Records US Webshop

FIVE THE HIEROPHANT’s – Queen Over Phlegethon live at The Dome, London:

FIVE THE HIEROPHANT’s  lineup comprises Chris on drums, Dan on percussion instruments (toms, bongos, djembe, zither, tabla, triangle guirro, shakers, death whistle, cymbals), Mitch – bass guitar effects, omichord, noisebox, analogue synthesizer, Jon on saxophone, music saw, bells, Kali on guitar, field recordings, violin, zither, bow guitar, dungchen. And much more besides!

More information about FIVE THE HIEROPHANT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at


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