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CODE debut a track from their upcoming album.

As the release date of CODE’s fifth full-length album “Flyblown Prince” edges closer, Dark Essence Records have today revealed a second track from the album.    

Titled “Rat King”, the track can be downloaded or streamed from a number of platforms at:

Unlike the previously released track “The Mad White Hair” (which is available at, “Rat King” is perhaps more familiar territory for CODE’s fans, as the band explains:

After the wide scope of ‘The Mad White Hair’, we felt it was appropriate to next show the more traditional side of the album.  ‘Rat King’ is a brutish and uncompromising track highlighting the focused metallic edge we have brought to these songs. We feel that ‘Flyblown Prince’ is perhaps the most ‘metal’ album we have made and ‘Rat King’s thuggish malice shows this as well as any other on the album.

CODE band

With their much anticipated new opus, CODE have created what is possibly the most intense and extreme album of their long and respected career, which started out in London in 2002, and which has seen the band plough their own individual furrow. One that eschews categorisation, and which has led to CODE gaining a large, and dedicated, world-wide following. 

“Flyblown Prince” is very much a progressive album, both musically and technically, and one the likes of which hasn’t been heard in years. It is perverse fairy tale of an album that guides its listeners through the twists and turns of a dark and ghoulish nightmare fantasy of cinematic proportions via an ever-shifting soundscape of moods and violent aggression. 

Code - Flyblown Prince

With cover art by Kristina Pavleska, layout by Costin Chioreanu and photography by Julie Cottrell, track listing for “Flyblown Prince” is as follows:

1. Flyblown Prince
2. Clemency & Atropy
3. By the Charred Stile
4. Rat King
5. From the Next Room
6. Dread Stridulate Lodge
7. Scold’s Bride
8. The Mad White Hair

The lineup on “Flyblown Prince” consists of of Aort on Guitars, Lordt on Drums, Syhr on Bass and Wacian on Vocals, with guitarist Andras providing support on the recordings, and the band recently had this to say about it:

We are thrilled to finally be unleashing our new album ‘Flyblown Prince’ with our friends at Dark Essence Records. This album is the result of three years of work and it is wonderful to be able to let it loose in all its mad, brutal and grandiose glory. Every detail has been meticulously poured over and we think this is our richest release to date. We hope you enjoy our 45-minute, darkness filled and anxiety ridden offering.  

“Flyblown Prince” will hit the streets on the 4th June in CD and Digital formats, with the Vinyl
version following on the 2nd July. All formats are now available to pre-order from the following:

US Webshop:

A video teaser for the album “Flyblown Prince”:

More information about CODE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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