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Avantgarde metallers If Nothing Is reveal new single from upcoming album.

Dark Essence Records have today revealed a new single, taken from the much-anticipated re-release of the 2015 self-titled debut full-length album from IF NOTHING IS, the brainchild of DØDHEIMSGARD bassist Lars Emil Måløy.  

The single, “Darkspace Navigator”, can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of services at:

It is a track about which the band had this to say:

The lyrics of Darkspace Navigator tells of a deity existing in the void between dimensions. An entity causing various paranormal phenomena when choosing to interfere with our world. On the musical side of things this track covers a lot of ground. Starting off with an electroacoustic section, followed by fast metal parts, groovy stuff, tapping, slapping, beats, cramp inducing chords and so on. Give it a spin!

If Nothing Is

Despite its pedigree, the album’s original release passed by largely unnoticed due to it having  only been available through a limited selection of digital platforms. But, on the  10th September, Dark Essence Records intend to bring to light this gem of an album that embodies everything that lies at the heart of extreme and technical metal music. 

Having been completely re-mixed and re-mastered “If Nothing Is”, ranges from thrash, speed and death, to black metal, melding sharp technical skills and creative songwriting with a keen eye for detail and a streak of madness.  

IF NOTHING IS’ lineup of Boeddelen on vocals and lyrics, Håkon Grytvik and Mats Stenberg on guitars, Lars Emil Måløy on bass, FX, backing vocals, lyrics, main composer and Vegard Myrdal Berg on drums, backing vocals and lyrics, have been joined by DØDHEIMSGARD’s Vicotnik on synths, beats and samples, and have come up with an album where each song is a journey in itself, replete with intersecting passages that are progressive and experimental,  along with rich jazzy parts.

If Nothing Is - If Nothing Is Vinyl

With new original artwork by Ulf Simon Lindgren “If Nothing Is” will be available in a CD and a gatefold clear transparent double LP version  for the first time ever, as well as digitally. Track listing as follows:

1. 101
2. Sovereign
3. Juvenihil
4. Anti Horde
5. Dominant Outlaw Nation
6. Postapo Calypso
7. Darkspace Navigator
8. Intermezzanine
9. Apsylum Absolute
10. If Nothing Is

It is now available to pre-order now from the following:

Dark Essence Webshop:

If Nothing is bandcamp:

US webshop:

If Nothing Is band

More information about IF NOTHING IS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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