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Sogn og Fjordane, the Norwegian county that inspired the genre Sognametal through the legendary band Windir. Even though we have released several bands from this proud county, we can’t say that these bands have been genuine Sognametal. However, founder and keyboardist Gaute Refsnes of Cor Scorpii was once a member of both Windir and Ulcus Molle. The same goes for Stian Bakketeig aka Strom, guitarist in Mistur. And Slegest from Systrond was founded by none other than Ese from Vreid. They might not have the typical Sognametal sound, but they are arguably the proudest Sogn og Fjordane band of them all. 

Alas, the county Sogn og Fjordane is no more, even though it remains in many hearts. The first of January of 2020, the counties Sogn og Fjordane and Hordaland was brought together to one county called Vestland. Hence, we felt it was fitting to start off this summer sale campaign with a homage to Sogn og Fjordane.

In Memoriam
Sogn og Fjordane