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Hades Almighty, Pyre Era, Black! / The one who talks with the fog

Comes in gatefold cover.

kr 169.90


Black version limited to 666 copies.

For the first time in 14 years, we can experience new music from Hades Almighty. “Pyre Era, Black!” hints to the epic and pitch black sound of the 2 first albums, but also shows new elements to the unique Hades Almighty sound. Ask Ty’s vocals are outstanding and give the songs that true character and depth you expect from Hades Almighty.
Hades Almighty have joined forces with the Ukrainian underground black metal veterans Drudkh, to give out this outburst of a split-EP!

Feature 5 songs, 2 by Drudkh, 3 by Hades Almighty.