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Deathcon, Monotremata (CD)

Jewel Case CD.

Release date: 30 October, 2006

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Dark Essence Records presents the hard punching death metal force Deathcon.

The band started in 1999 under the name Cult of Catharsis, but in 2003 changing their name and music. Deathcon have had two different guitarists prior to the present line- up, but was finalized during the recording by Ole Walaunet from Grimfist. The band consists of prominent members from the likes of Aeternus, Helheim, Grimfist and ex-Taake but is not to be seen upon as a side-project.

In 2006 they inked a deal with Dark Essence Records, and soon after recorded their debut album in Conclave Media where Helheim did their last album. So far they’ve only played gigs in Norway, but to play at the Hole in the Sky festival in 2003 and to warm up for Deicide is the highlights so far.

The music can be described as a brutal force with emphasize on the 80’s thrash and death metal. Vocally V’gandr can be resembled to Deicide’s Glen Benton with his mixture between growls and high pitched voices. The lyrics are a blend of personal dark reflections and anti- Christian blasphemies.