Five the Hierophant, Through Aureate Void (CD)

Five the Hierophant “Through Aureate Void” CD is a CD in jewelcase cover with booklet. 

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The follow-up to 2017s “Over Phlegethon” sees the British band Five The Hierophant further explore the dark atmospheres of their psychedelic and drone-like doom jazz metal.

On “Through Aureate Void” they go in an even more psychedelic direction, without losing any of the heaviness or darkness. Also, the use of untraditional instruments like saxophone, music saw, zither and a wide range of percussions, Five The Hierophant creates a totally unique soundscape which you won’t find anywhere else.

Commenting on the making of the album, the band says:
“It took us longer than anticipated, as you can imagine, due to circumstances that befall us all.
Nonetheless, the new album is finished, and ready to take you on a journey through aureate void. It’s
quite abstract, and there’s lots of experimentation, both in regard to the sound and instruments used,
and to the song structures. A lot of it comes from improvisation and leaving things to chance. I
suppose we have taken it further than our debut album.”

Five the Hierophant “Through Aureate Void” CD is a CD in jewelcase cover with booklet. Cover by legendary Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum.

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Avantgarde, experimental metal, Jazz metal

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