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Krakow, Amaran (LP)

Release date: June 5th, 2016

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With the release of their 2nd album, “Diin”, the Bergen post metal band Krakow received much praise and recognition for their special take on the genre. On their 3rd album, “Amaran”, the band has developed their style further, and made an unique and atmospheric record that will definitely stand out. This time, the band explores both the more calmer sides of their sound as well as the more experimental drone sides. This makes “Amaran” a highly variated album, filled with both dreaming soundscapes and a sinister and harsh atmosphere.

With the addition of drummer Ask Ty Arctander (Kampfar), the band also have another strong musician in the line-up that has helped to broaden their sound.

Krakow has again worked with producer Iver Sandøy in Solslottet and Duper Studio, and “Amaran” is set to be one of the most uniqe post-metal albums of 2015.


1. Luminauts

2. Atom

3. Genesis

4. Vitriol

5. Pendulum

6. Of Earth

7. Ten Silent Circles


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