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Dark Essence Records reveals first single from upcoming Vestindien album.

As work on VESTINDIEN’s sophomore full-length album “Verdande” nears completion, Dark Essence Records has managed to give fans of the band an early Christmas present by releasing one of the finished tracks as a single. 

Almost three years on from the release of VESTINDIEN’s 2020 debut full-length “Null”, the new single, titled “Forbi Stillheten”, bridges the gap from where the band were then, to where they are today. 

“Null” served to introduce fans to VESTINDIEN’s unique approach to a dark, harsh and sinister old-school metal sound, and whilst “Forbi Stillheten”  is still very much rooted in metal, this time also references 60s psych and 70s prog.

Described by the band as  “A hymn to the people who see the world as something they belong to, rather than something that belongs to them”,  “Forbi Stillheten” can be streamed or downloaded from a variety of services at:

Vestindien - Forbi Stillheten single cover

Formed in 2009 and named after the last known brothel (now a museum) in Bergen, VESTINDIEN had a reputation as an up-and-coming hardcore band with a heavy metal twist, and a solid following eager to witness VESTINDIEN’s frenetic live shows. But one year after the release of their 2011 EP “We are the Lords of Hellfire”, the band inexplicably called it a day.

Several years later VESTINDIEN re-emerged with a more introverted, and less hardcore and aggressive, approach to their music.  Hints of the band’s hardcore roots were still discernible, but VESTINDIEN’s sound had manifested itself into a dark shroud that conjured up the essence of black metal, punk and old school rock’n’roll. As a result “Null” was filled with songs that were dark, desperate and desolate, but also packed hard punches of energy and groove.

Vestindien band photo by Linn Magnussen
Photo by Linn Magnussen

Details of the new album itself are still being kept under wraps, but we can reveal that “Verdande” was written in a basement in Bergen, as well as  on a secluded island in the Barents Sea. The latter’s location out in the open sea, has literally, and figuratively, given VESTINDIEN more air and space do develop their music, without sacrificing any of those claustrophobic and chaotic roots from underground.

VESTINDIEN’s lineup is comprised of Slettsnok on vocals, guitars and synth, Fader War and Henrik Paulsen on guitars, Karl Johan Johannessen on drums, Petter Beyer on synth and Pål Eirik Veseth on bass, and more information about the band can be found on their Facebook page at

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