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Dark Essence Records have welcomed Norwegian Black Metallers TILINTETGJORT to their roster, and will release the band’s debut full-length album In Death I Shall Arise March 31, 2023.

TILINTETGJORT, which translated means “Annihilated”, was formed in the early summer of 2020 by three Oslo-based musicians: Den Gamle and Hazzlegard on guitars, and Sturt: on bass. By the end of the summer the trio was joined by Tybalt on drums and Svik on vocals, cementing their place in the now five-piece  lineup.

2021 saw TILINTETGJORT dedicate themselves to the creative process, with the band releasing the digital single ” Vinter og Høst” in September of that year, and as well as making their live debut alongside VED BUENS ENDE and MORTEM in Oslo.   

By the time 2022 came along, TILINTETGJORT was ready to begin recording the band’s debut album, entering the Chaka Khan Studio in January. The resulting material was enough to pique the interest of Dark Essence Records, who signed the band a month later.

On their debut album In Death I Shall Arise, Tilintetgjort presents strange visions of nightmares and dread, alchemical madness and arcane mysteries – blurring the line between insanity and the deepest of truths.

In Death I Shall Arise shows a fierce and passionate band. Focused and inspired, the music shows an abundance of creativity and a will to break down the walls of the stagnating genre that is contemporary black metal. Embark on a journey through the labyrinth that makes up the hunt for truth in a widely delusional world. Filled with inspiration and madness of the soul, In Death I Shall Arise will be your guide through the mysteries of knowledge and death. 

Svik – vocals

Den Gamle – guitar

Hazzlegard – guitar

Sturt – bass

Tybalt – drums

Darkessence Records – post@darkessencerecords.no

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