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Superlynx is a doom/psych trio formed in Oslo, 2013. The band released their debut album LVX on Duplicate Records in October 2016. On March 15th 2019, Dark Essence Records released their second album, New Moon.

The upcoming third album “Electric Temple”, from Superlynx is both a continuation of what they’ve been doing before and a further development into moods not previously explored. The tragic death of a close family member has also made a deep mark on the album.

The title of the album is a reference to Jimi Hendrix´ way of looking at music. “He said “We call our music ‘electric church music.. Because it’s like a religion to us.” And that is much like how we feel about ours. In music we find so much of what people seek in temples, religions or other spiritual forms – strength to endure trials, peace of mind, ecstasy, safety, hope, community, joy, transcendence etc. In the process of writing our third album this truth only become clearer to us. Music is our temple”

The album is mixed by multiple Grammy Award winning producer Marc Urselli, who has done sound for Nick Cave, Mike Patton, Lou Reed, Keith Richards, The Black Crowes and countless more. longtime sound engineer Amund Tømmerbakke, and mastered by Fridtjof Lindeman at Strype Audio.

Pia Isaksen: Bass & vocals

Daniel Bakken – Guitars

Ole Teigen – Drums

Darkessence Records –

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