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Slegest came into life as Ese left Vreid in 2010, where he played guitar on four albums.

For Slegest, Ese wanted to use his inspiration from Black Sabbath and combine this with harsh vocals. This resulted in a special blend of classic heavy rock and old-school black metal elements, creating a dark and sinister sound combined with lots of groove. The self-titled Slegest debut EP was released in 2012 and got very good feedback from the metal scene. Shortly thereafter Ese started the work on his debut album “Løyndom” wich was released on Dark Essence records in 2013.

With their second full length album “Vidsyn”. As on the first album, they stick to a brew cooked from a base of black metal malt, mixed with hops from Toni Iomis back garden, stored on vintage 70’ties barrels with a cassette deck playing 80’ties thrash classics in the background, and finaly bottled in a isolated barn way up Sognefjorden. Slegest maintain a focus on first class grooves and solid heavy riffs rather than speed, and with even stronger songs and production, and a solid character and nerve, “Vidsyn” shows a more mature band.

“Introvert”, the upcoming third studio album from SLEGEST, sees the Norwegians well and truly solidifying that bone crunching mix of black metal and classic heavy rock that is their trademark sound.

Filled with tasty riffs, hooks that pull you in, and a vicious catchiness, the 80’s feel makes itself subtly felt on the new album.

Bass and vocals for “Introvert” were recorded in Systrond and engineered by Ese. Drums and guitars were recorded at the Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen with Bjørnar Erevik Nilsen engineering the drums, whilst the guitars were engineered by Herbrand Larsen, who also mixed the album. Iver Sandøy handled the mastering.

Ese: Vocals & guitar
Sør: Lead guitar
Hövard: Bass
Fjøsne: Drums

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