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Sinister heavy rock from Norway.

Slegest has – since its forming by guitarist and vocalist ESE back in 2010 – delivered heavy with musical roots in black metal and classic heavy rock from the 70’s and 80’s. A pure one man band at first, SLEGEST in 2011 dropped their first release, the self-titeled EP Slegest on ESE´s own SYSTROND RECORDINGS label.

In 2013 SLEGEST signed with DARK ESSENCE – a Bergen based metal label of considerable renown – and their first album Løyndom was released. In fall that year ESE formed a live lineup for SLEGEST. Giving their debut show in the small town of Hoyanger on the northern shores of the Sognefjord, the newly formed lineup – ESE on guitar and vocals, SØR on guitars, HÖVARD on bass and FJØSNE on ze drums – gave the audience a taste of what was to come: a hard grooving no non-sense heavy rock band. Since then SLEGEST has released three albums and done over 100 shows in Europe on tours with bands like TAAKE, SHINING and BÖLZER. 

In 2023 the new SLEGEST album “Avstand” will hit the streets. With a title that means “Distance” the songs explore the eternal and infinite. A view of life from within, with the self-conscious, the rational and the dream state, weighed against the instinctive, euphoric and the natural. The album also marks a change to the lineup that has remained constant since the band’s early days, with drummer Chris taking over from Fjøsne.

Ese: Vocals & guitar
Sør: Lead guitar
Hövard: Bass
Chris: Drums

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