Norwegian Black Metallers ORKAN are set to release the band’s third full-length album fall 2018.

ORKAN’s four-man lineup was formed in 2008 by TAAKE’s live guitarist Gjermund Fredheim and ex- BYFROST drummer Rune Nesse. Having been joined by former GRIMNORTH bassist Sindre Hillesdal and frontman Einar Fjelldal (ex-GRAVEMACHINE), ORKAN released their debut full-length album “Crimson Canvas” in 2012, and their acclaimed sophomore album ‘Livlaus’ in 2015.

Whilst “Crimson Canvas” is, as described by the band, “a self-financed, thrashy album”, ORKAN left this sound behind them and oriented their musical vision for a much darker direction, taking the classic Norwegian Black Metal sound and incorporating into it influences from many other genres, to create atmospheric melodies with haunting vocals and intense blastbeats.

Einar Fjelldal
Gjermund Fredheim
Rune Nesse
Sindre Hillesdal

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