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Nocturnal Breed is a Norwegian band stemming from the Oslo area at its foundational roots. 

NOCTURNAL BREED was formed in Oslo in 1996 by S.A. Destroyer (aka Svartalv – ex. GEHENNA, SATYRICON) both as an homage to the old waves of Thrash, Speed and Heavy Metal of the 80’s and as a reaction against the growing commercialisation of the Black Metal scene that plagued the mid 90’s with its ever increasing ‘polished’ sound, along with the softening of attitudes in Metal in general.

The decades that followed saw NOCTURNAL BREED undergo the inevitable lineup changes and hiatuses that bands are subjected to during their careers, all the while producing a plethora of releases, which, aside from the obvious early demos and studio albums, include EP’s, Boxed Sets, and Compilations, culminating in the 2021 release of the “Face Your Aggressor” double album which marked the band’s 25th Anniversary.

Which brings us to the present day and finds NOCTURNAL BREED in their private “Bunker Studios” working on the final stages of their seventh full-length album, set to be released on Dark Essence Records later this year.

Keep posted for more trench-madness coming to your way very soon! 

S.A. Destroyer – Vocals, Bass

T. Terror – Drums

Darkessence Records –

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