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Lumsk, a band that describes itself as:

A seven headed “troll” that combines traditional or traditional-inspired elements from Norwegian folklore and poetry with progressive rock and metal.

Formed in 1999 In Trondheim, Norway, LUMSK set out to explore the concept of regional folk traditions, as did many European heavy metal bands towards the end of the 20th Century.  So great, in fact, was that interest, and its ensuing popularity amongst fans,  that, by the first decade of the new Millennium, it had burgeoned into a significant sub-genre all of its own. 

LUMSK’s debut album “Åsmund Frægdegjævar” appeared  in 2003 and was based on the saga of Åsmund Frægdegjævar, who traveled from Ireland to save the princess from trolls.  A year later In 2004 LUMSK  began  a collaboration with the author Birger Sivertsen, an expert on Norwegian folklore and sagas, which led to the release of 2005’s album “Troll” whose were lyrics based on Nordic mythology.   The band’s third album, 2007’s “Det Vilde Kor”,  this time featured  lyrics by Norwegian author, and holder of a Nobel Prize in Literature,  Knut Hamsun.

The band’s fourth full-length album has been a while in the making, with LUMSK entering the studio as early as 2010 to begin work on “Fremmede Toner”, a collection of poems by Norwegian  author Andre Bjerke. After a series of setbacks and delays,  which has served to make the album even more anticipated than before, work on “Fremmede Toner” is complete, and is scheduled for release on Dark Essence Records on the 5th of May, 2023.

Which brings us to today, and today’s lineup, which, following a myriad of comings and goings over the years since LUMSK’s inception, is comprised of Mari Klingen  on Vocals, Siv Lena Laugtug Sæther on Violin, Eystein Garberg on Guitar, Roar Grindheim on  Guitar, Espen Warankov Godø on Keyboards, Espen Hammer on Bass, and Vidar Berg on drums.

Mari Klingen – Vocals
Siv Lena Laugtug Sæther – Violin
Eystein Garberg – Guitar
Roar Grindheim – Guitar
Epsen Warankov Godø – Keyboards
Espen Hammer – Bass
Vidar Berg – Drums

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