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Formed during 2014 in Norway’s capital city Oslo, DWAAL is a six-headed behemoth, assaulting the listener with a dense wall of sound that lies somewhere at the intersection of Doom and Post Metal.

The atmosphere they create is one of slow motion, laden with heavy, sludgy, gloomy riffs, punctuated alternately by despairing vocals one minute, and minimalistic, melancholic melodies the next. Or, as the band like to put it: “A punch in the throat followed by a soothing caress, followed by another punch in the throat”.

When Dwaal’s debut album “Gospel of the Vile” was released in early 2020, the future was bright. Little did they know, the agenda over the next couple of years was about to include: 1 surprise pandemic, 1 rehearsal space eviction, 1 rehearsal space flooding, 1 booking deal evaporated into the covid mist, an unknown number of cancelhed gigs all over Europe, 2 covid related layoffs, 3 breakups, 5 mental breakdowns, 5 hospitalisations, 1 near-death experience, and in the end, 1 new full-lengt album. 

The sophomore album “Never Enough” is the culmination of all the pent-up rage and frustration of the past 3 years, and it marks a hard reboot of the Dwaal machinery. Angrier, hungrier, more ruthless and more personal than ever before. 

Bjørnar Kristiansen – Vocals
Eigil Dragvik – Guitar & Backing vocals
Rikke Karlsen – Guitar
Stian Hammer – Bass
Siri Vestby – Synth
Anders Johnsen – Drums

Darkessence Records – post@darkessencerecords.no


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