Cor Scorpii

Cor Scorpii was formed in late 2004 after the death of Terje Bakken, the lead singer and founder of Windir.

At that point, Gaute Refsnes implemented the long-standing idea of creating his own band. The band’s first demo, Attergangar, was released in 2005, receiving much praise from the musical critics and fans and winning the Demo of the Month award from the Metal Hammer Germany magazine.

In July 2007, the band commenced to record its début full-length album, Monument, which was released on March 26, 2008. The band has now released it’s long awaited second album “Ruin”.

Erlend Nybø – Lead guitars
Gaute Refsnes – Keyboards
Inge Jonny Lomheim – Bass, accordion and programming
Ole M. Nordsve – Drums
Rune Sjøthun – Rhythm guitars, mandolin and programming
Thomas S. Øvstedal – Vocals

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Cor Scorpii


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