Formed in London in 2002, CODE have, since then, adroitly eschewed any attempts to categorise them or place them into a particular genre, preferring to forge, as the band puts it, their own “low path”.

Starting from the black ruminations of Aort’s early project, SEASONAL CODE, the band drew a creative line that led through a series of full-length studio albums starting from the brittle avant-garde of 2005’s “Nouveau Gloaming”, to 2009’s Spellemann-nominated “Resplendent Grotesque”, then on to the mad theatre of 2013’s “Augur Nox”, and the bleak, anaesthetic wash of 2015’s “mut”.

A savage live tour recording also appeared in 2015, and, in 2017, CODE released two EP’s -“Lost Signal”, which was largely a live re-forging of the material from a new perspective, and “Under the Subgleam” which served as a hint at what was to come.

Aort – Guitar
Andras – Guitar
Lordt – Drums
Syhr – Bass
Wacian – Vocal

Darkessence Records –

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