Since first appearing in the Norwegian scene in 2004, BLODHEMN founder Invisus has worked tirelessly to further Black Metal’s iconic sound with his distinctive and aggressive approach, releasing three full-length albums, on which he performed all the vocals and instruments. 

With a live lineup that, aside from Invisus on vocals,  includes Hauk (AMONG GODS) on bass, Dan on drums, Xarim (DJEVELKULT, DEN SAAKALDTE) on guitars and Anneland (ELSKOV, VONBROT, MUNNHUGGER, CAPRISE) on guitars, BLODHEMN has rightly earned a stellar reputation for its work both in the studio and in front of an audience.

Joining the Dark Essence Records roster for the release of the band’s fourth full-length album, has, it could be said, been twelve years in the making for BLODHEMN, as Invisus explains:

I had a good experience working with some of the Dark Essence people in the past.  Granted, at that time it was more on the music production side, but still, it has been a collaboration since recording “Brenn Alle Bruer” 12 years ago.

Inking the deal with Dark Essence Records, therefore, feels like finally finding the right street door after a long night out. Their good reputation amongst artists, and in the industry in general, was key to my decision to kick open this particular door.

I’m looking forward to finally getting the new album out and joining forces with the Dark Essence team to force-feed you thrashy black metal with a glaze of rock n’ roll. Skål!Details of the upcoming album will be coming up in the near future, and in the meantime, more information about BLODHEMN can be found on Facebook at 

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