Bismarck has been labelled as one of the heaviest bands from Norway. The band’s uncompromising, sludgy riff mantras and psychedelic escapades have been stirring things up in the Norwegian underground after the release of their acclaimed debut album “Urkraft” in 2018.

Inspired by a wide array of genres and styles – from amp melting stoner doom, to atmospheric post-rock, the Norwegian black metal they grew up with and Middle Eastern folk music – Bismarck’s music alternates between intense fuzzed out heaviness and clean, atmospheric drones, with its lyrics expounding upon western esotericism, altered states of consciousness and a mystical apocalypse. Their second album “Oneiromancer” was released in 2020 and was met with great reviews all over the world. Bismarck is now finally ready with their third album titled “Vourukasha” which are scheduled to release early 2024.

Torstein Tveiten – Vocal
Leif Herland – Guitar and backing vocal
Eirik Goksøyr – Guitar
Tomas Osland – Bass
Tore Lyngstad – Drums

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