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When ALFAHANNE burst onto the scene in 2010 their minds were fully set on bringing the danger back to rock n roll.

Playing what they call “Alfapocalyptic Rock”, ALFAHANNE mixes Black Metal with Classic Rock and Punk, and good old Rock n Roll, creating their own style of music. A style that has earned them plaudits from critics and fans alike.

With a lineup comprising Pehr Skjoldhammer on guitars and vocals, Fredrik Sööberg on guitars, Jimmy Wiberg on bass, Niklas Åström on drums and Stefan Eriksson on keyboards, ALFAHANNE’s stage debut came at 2014’s Inferno Metal Festival where their show garnered them high praise.

 Since then, their high energy, exuberance, and easy going, friendly interaction with the fans (both on and off the stage) make them guaranteed crowd pleasers and much in demand for club and festival appearances.

The band’s popularity is not limited to fans, as the list of guests of the ALFAHANNE’s previous albums demonstrates. A list that fans of extreme genres will find mouth-watering and that includes fellow Dark Essence artists Hoest (TAAKE) and V’gandr (HELHEIM), as well as other titans of the Scandinavian scene such as Dolk (KAMPFAR), Erlend Hjelvik (KVELERTAK), Spellgoth (HORNA, TURMION KÄTILÖT), Nattfursth (SORHIN), David Lindh (YVONNE and BRODER DANIEL), Sanrabb (GEHENNA) and Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING).

With work progressing on their fifth studio album, ALFAHANNE had this to say about what fans could expect:

Having already released four album, Eskilstuna´s finest will soon be back with a new one. Once again we will explore the darkness of mankind and continue to widen our musical realms. The new material will mark the beginning of a new era for the band and the fifth album will truly be a monster. It’s release will make it clear that ALFAHANNE is an unstoppable force…

Per Skjoldhammer – Guitar & vocals
Fredrik Sööberg – Guitar
Jimmy Wiberg – Bass
Niklas Åström – Drums
Stefan Eriksson – Keyboard

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