Alfahanne reveals details of upcoming album and new single.

Having announced their return to Dark Essence Records after a one-album absence, Swedish Rockers ALFAHANNE are ready to (rock n) roll out their fifth full-length album. Titled “Vår tid är nu” their latest release promises to be chock-full of ALFAHANNE’s very own “Alfapocalyptic Rock”, a sound that mixes Black Metal with Classic Rock and Punk and more than a large measure of Rock n Roll.

And, since ALFAHANNE is well known for being able to attract some very big names to appear both on studio albums and on stage, “Vår tid är nu” carries on that fine tradition, with Nattefrost (CARPATHIAN FOREST) and Doedsadmiral (NORDJEVEL) contributing their first ever guest vocals with the band, whilst Spellgoth (HORNA) and Nattfursth (SORHIN) make a welcome return. 

With ALFAHANNE’s many fans chomping at the bit to see what their irrepressible heroes have got is store for them, Dark Essence Records have today released  a none-too-gentle introduction in the form of a single and video for the track “Alfa Omega” which features Nattefrost himself.

“Alfa Omega” is available to download or stream on a variety of services at

ALFAHANNE had this to say about the single and the album:

Today we’re dropping the first bomb from our upcoming album: “Vår tid är nu” (“Our time is now”) in the form of the single “Alfa Omega”. This was actually the first song that we wrote for the album, and is the foundation of the rest to come. It’s an up-tempo punk/metal song that includes the classic Alfa guitar melodies and features Nattefrost’s unmistakable vocals.

As to the album itself, “Our time is now” – this is the beginning of the end.

Set for release on February 9th 2024, and exactly ten years since the release of the band’s debut full-length, “Vår tid är nu” is ALFAHANNE’s heaviest album to date. Filled with the band’s trademark catchy melodies and punk attitude, “Vår tid är nu” has an underlying bleak atmosphere that is reminiscent of both the 80s and the early days of Black Metal. 

Alfahanne - Vår tid är nu CD

With album cover art by Roger Pettersson and photography by Uffe Sandin, tracklisting on “Vår tid är nu” is as follows:

  1. Intro
  2. 9:e cirkeln
  3. Eremiten (Feat. Doedsadmiral)
  4. Elden har vaknat
  5. Alfa omega (Feat. Nattefrost)
  6. Wolfman
  7. När allt faller-Kaiken Kaatuessa
    (Feat. Spellgoth)
  8. 213
  9. Vår tid är nu (Feat. Nattfursth)
  10. Outro

“Vår tid är nu” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Swamp Green Vinyl formats and can be pre-ordered now from:

Alfahanne - Vår tid är nu vinyl

Since bursting onto the scene in 2010 ALFAHANNE has, as previously mentioned, shared both the studio and the stage with a list of artists that reads like a who’s who of Scandinavian Extreme Metal and includes Hoest (TAAKE), V’gandr (HELHEIM), Dolk (KAMPFAR), Erlend Hjelvik (KVELERTAK), Spellgoth (HORNA, TURMION KÄTILÖT), Nattfursth (SORHIN), David Lindh (YVONNE and BRODER DANIEL), Sanrabb (GEHENNA) and Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING).

Today’s lineup of Pehr Skjoldhammer on guitars and vocals, Fredrik Sööberg on guitars, Jimmy Wiberg on bass, Niklas Åström on drums, and Stefan Eriksson on keyboards and guitars, display a full-on attitude and an exuberance that is infectious. Pair this with an easy going, friendly interaction with the fans (both on and off the stage) and you have a band that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

ALFAHANNE have already been confirmed to appear at 2024’s Karmoygeddon Festival to be held in Kopervik, Norway, 2-4 May.

More information about ALFAHANNE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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